Dupe or Duped? Pixie H20 Skin Drink vs. Dr. Jart+ Water Drop

I have been a fan of gel moisturizers for quite some time now. I started using Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Gel Cream when it was first released a few years ago and I have currently been loving the tarte Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost moisturizer.  Gel moisturizers are fast-absorbing, lightweight and are typically good for all skin types. They are refreshing and cooling on the skin and I find that makeup applies nicely over them.

Dr. Jart+

I received a deluxe sample of the Dr. Jart+ Water Drop in my Birchbox a few months back and this was by far the coolest gel moisturizer I had ever tried. When I first dispensed the moisturizer from the tube, it looked like any other gel moisturizer. As soon as I started to rub it in, the gel cream burst into little water drops before it was quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving my face so completely hydrated.

The downfall? This moisturizer retails for $36 per tube in Sephora.

Pixie by Petra H20 Skindrink

While migrating away from the household shopping that I had told myself I was there to do, I found myself in the beauty isles of Target. I picked up a skinny tube of moisturizer that made the same claims as Dr. Jart+. The Pixie by Petra H20 Skindrink moisturizer is a gel formula with encapsulated water and aloe vera. I picked it up and took it home because I figured if it worked, I was making out like a bandit because this was only $22 in Target as opposed to the $36 Dr. Jart+ in Sephora.

I took it home and the same thing happened. I dispensed what looked like a typical gel moisturizer that went on to burst into little drops of water that quickly absorbed into my skin.

The catch? The Pixie tube was only 1.18 oz. of product compared to Dr. Jart+’s 3 oz.!

Valiant effort, Pixie, but as much as I enjoy your product and a good dupe, I also enjoy value and Dr. Jart+ is actually less expensive and a better value when you do the math.

You can’t dupe the duper.

Let me know if either of these are your favorites in the comments and what products you would like me to find a dupe for in future posts.